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Request for customizable receipts for FACTS Giving Forms#197


We use the FACTS Giving forms when we do fundraisers because we have to be able to capture data from the donors that the Appeals area will not allow. For example, we track participation by grade, alumni status, parent, employee, board members, etc., so the donor needs to be able to tell us information about their relationship to our school, as well as whether or not they give permission to publish their names (and what name they would prefer to be recognized such as the Jones Family, or ABC Company, etc.).

FACTS Giving Forms have several shortfalls that I believe could greatly be improved with the following suggestions:

  1. Customizable receipts - PLEASE add an option to send a customizable receipt such as “Dear donor, we are so thankful for your $100 support of the 2020 Annual fund, etc.” Right now the only option is to send the donor a transaction receipt which sends them an email containing only the transactions (date, amount, etc.) and no other message or wording.

  2. Recurring payments - PLEASE add an option to the FACTS giving forms that would allow the families to set up recurring gifts.

  3. Option for donor to pay the fees-PLEASE add an option to the FACTS Giving Forms that would allow the donor the option of paying the transaction fees associated with their donation.

If these things are not possible, would it be possible to revise the Appeals or Web payment areas to be able to collect information from the donor such as grade, acknowledgement name to be used / anonymous requests, etc.?

Thank you!

3 months ago